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Write for Otter

Are you an Otter reader with something to say? Lucky you, because we’d love to hear it!

As you know, Otter is a fortnightly newsletter with a sustainable lifestyle focus. We give people tips, info, event ideas, and recipes to help them live greener, happier lives.

We’re interested in any of the following:

  • Articles
  • Expert interviews
  • Lists
  • Practical tips and guides for living a more sustainable life
  • Investigations with a focus on ethical consumer concern

We like our content to be informative, friendly and encouraging. Giving people actionable ideas is our focus. That can be stuff to do, things to buy or even a shift in thinking — we’re interested in ways people can contribute to a better world.

Whether you’re a permaculture nerd, passionate about animal welfare, an urban beekeeper, a labour ethics expert, sewing blogger, vegan chef, or once built a really sweet compost heap out of old tyres and bits of string, we want to hear from you. Did you make a change in your daily habits, or start doing things a new way with sustainability in mind? Tell us how!

If you fancy seeing your name in (digital) print, email your questions, ideas, pitches or pieces to us using our contact form (so we avoid too much spam).

If you don’t think you’re up to the task, but know someone who loves researching and writing about sustainability, forward our details on. Or, if there’s a burning topic you’d love to see covered, get in touch as above and we’ll see what we can do.

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