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Fair Fashion: Save Ethical Clothing Australia!


Ethical Clothing Australia has become a casualty of Federal budget cuts, with the government announcing it will axe ECA’s $1 million budget.

ECA is the only labour ethics compliance body in the Australian fashion industry, working to secure wages and conditions for Australia’s thousands of garment workers.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

The joint industry-union group has conducted almost 3500 audits of Australian clothing factories in the past five years and met with more than 2500 home-based outworkers, known as the industry’s “hidden workforce”, who are vulnerable to exploitation.

Eighty Australian fashion labels and manufacturers – including Cue, Carla Zampatti, Puma, Rossi Boots, Hard Yakka and RM Williams – have been accredited under the voluntary scheme.The head of the de-funded organisation said the cuts would lead to more workers being underpaid and overworked, and act as a disincentive for the industry to operate ethically.

ECA’s certification is an essential source of consumer information, and stripping funding from the organisation’s accreditation program will decrease Australians’ ability to make more ethical choices when shopping for clothing and footwear. It is already far too difficult for the average shopper to access information on clothing supply chains and working conditions, and ECA labelling is one of few ways we can know we’re making a positive choice.
Take action by sending an email to Senator Eric Abetz here or see ECA’s list of other ways you can help here.

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