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Hell for Leather


Photo: Is 15 pairs enough, I ask? (Flickr/PracticalOwl)


Leather is not always simply a bi-product of meat production. Over 1 billion animals are killed every year for their skins. Many of these animals are kept in factory farms for the duration of their lives. But Leather production has not only a huge animal impact, but a human and environmental one too, with toxic chemicals used in the tanning process affecting workers, communities and the environment.

So what are your options for reducing the impact of your shoes, belts and bags on the issues you care about? Continue Reading →

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Maylynn Nunn on sustainable seafood, MSC … and motorcycles


Maylynn photo 2

Photo: Alex Craig

What got you interested in sustainable seafood?

I was studying to be a fisheries scientist because I realised how little is known about the marine environment compared to terrestrial conservation. I found that fascinating–I absolutely loved the science side of things–but I realised that you can have the best science in the world but it won’t actually lead to sustainable fishing unless the people who make decisions are onside. That got me into the economics, trade and other policy issues that affect fish and the fishing industry. The Marine Stewardship Council and sustainable seafood is the perfect intersection of environment, economics and trade for my interests.

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App of the week: Shop Ethical!


Have you ever stood in the supermarket and wondered whether a particular brand lives up to your environmental and social expectations?

The Shop Ethical! app gives access to over 4,000 products with related company information. It can help you make an informed decision whenever you shop.

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