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Want cruelty free beauty products? Start here!


Photo: Lipstick (Flicrk/1950’s Unlimited)


Lisa Edney gives her take on the why and how of cruelty-free beauty products, with tips on what to buy and where to get them.

Are you wanting to make the switch to cruelty free beauty products but don’t know where to start? Or have you ever bought a product believing it to be cruelty free, then found out the label was misleading? Are you unsure about what labels you can trust?

Whether you’re new to cruelty free cosmetics, or have been on the journey for some time, you can find great beauty products that meet your cruelty free hopes – yes, even in your local supermarket! Continue Reading →

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Cream of the crop: our eight most popular articles


Sea Otter (Dave Menke/WikiMedia)

Otter is eight moths old today (12 Feb 2014)! To celebrate, we’ve collected our eight most popular posts – its a short cut to the content our readers have loved. The articles and links cover key ethical issues from undies and jewellery to toxic sunscreens, sustainable food and the power of consumers to make change. But our most popular article to date (as a percentage of Otter readers at the time) was mainly about paper …

1. Our interview with EcoBuy’s Stephen Reardon

Stephen speaks to Otter about the power consumers have to make a difference in the world, how to choose sustainable printer paper and the value of owning a keep-cup. Continue Reading →

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Otter’s top Valentines Day ideas

Couple kissing

Photo: The Royal Library of Denmark

Valentines day is just around the corner. Cheesy shopfront displays are up and florists, jewellers and chocolate retailers are frantically preparing for the rush. Do you hate Valentines day? Thats OK – you aren’t alone there. But if you do plan on embracing the romance this year, here’s some ideas on how you can give valentines day gifts that express your passion for both your loved one and the planet. Continue Reading →

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Delicious ways to veg-up your barbie


Your guide to putting more veggies on the barbecue 

Nothing beats having a few friends around in the backyard for a sausage sizzle in the summer. Barbecue season also represents a great opportunity to try out some new summer recipes, and whether you’re catering for vegetarian guests or not, now is a great time to add some veggie options to your barbecue arsenal. Continue Reading →

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Nice bling! Feel good with fair and sustainable jewellery


Photo: Diamonds (Flickr/Kim Alaniz)


You’ve probably heard about blood diamonds–whether it be from the sparkling light cast on the issue in the 2006 movie Blood Diamond starring Leonardo di Caprio, or from the media attention that followed. But are diamonds the only minerals which use unethical practices in their sourcing and manufacture? And how do we go about finding fair and sustainable alternatives? A little research with some simple principles in mind can help you find a lasting piece that will make you feel good inside and out.

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Picking a gift card or gift voucher

christmas cake

You want to give them a gift they’ll love, but they’re so very hard to buy for. Gift cards and gift vouchers are a handy (and less wasteful) alternative to buying something they won’t like, but how can you make sure that the gift voucher is one that matches your values? Here are our top tips on how to pick safe, green and fair gift certificates. Continue Reading →

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How to Avoid the Secret Santa Cringe! – Five tips from Checking it Twice

Santa on a boat

‘Tis the season for Secret Santa– one of those tricky traditions where your regular approach to purchasing might go out the window to stay under budget. Whether you’re buying a $10 gift for someone in the office, or something more expensive for the family Christmas party, here are our tips for a cringe-free Secret Santa

Get organized

The best way to make Secret Santa more meaningful and less wasteful is to allocate gift recipients, rather than doing a gift lucky dip. An even better idea Continue Reading →

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What’s for lunch?


Otter’s Rebecca Smith has sought out tips for a sustainable and tasty Christmas lunch from some of our favourite food organisations and a stylist.

I don’t know about you, but my stomach is already rumbling for Christmas lunch. It’s that one meal a year I excessively overcook for, enjoy far too much, and then spend the rest of the day regretting; not wanting to eat another bite ever again.

So before I reach that point of food repulsion this year, I decided to have a think about how to turn my Christmas lunch into a more sustainable one, a fairer one, a friendlier one and a less wasteful one. It’s my way of doing my bit on a day that is typically, and traditionally, horribly wasteful.

Not knowing exactly where to start, I sought the advice of some of Otter’s favourite safe, green and fair experts and organisations – Sustainable Table, Green Villages, Alexx Stuart and GoodFishBadFish –as well as super sytlist Christina Sunario. This is the advice that they had for me, and for you. Continue Reading →

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