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Your quick and easy guide to a natural clean

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 2.15.00 PM

Cleaning products are essential in every home – but regular commercial products often contain toxic chemicals that can harm you, your family or the environment. And the plastic packaging is hard to or re-use or recycle. Why not make your own? Your conscience will be as clean as your spotless home! 

Making your own cleaning products doesn’t have to be pricey or difficult. You’ve probably already got a bunch of ingredients that will clean your home safely, cheaply and naturally. What have you got lying around your fridge or pantry?

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Cream of the crop: our eight most popular articles


Sea Otter (Dave Menke/WikiMedia)

Otter is eight moths old today (12 Feb 2014)! To celebrate, we’ve collected our eight most popular posts – its a short cut to the content our readers have loved. The articles and links cover key ethical issues from undies and jewellery to toxic sunscreens, sustainable food and the power of consumers to make change. But our most popular article to date (as a percentage of Otter readers at the time) was mainly about paper …

1. Our interview with EcoBuy’s Stephen Reardon

Stephen speaks to Otter about the power consumers have to make a difference in the world, how to choose sustainable printer paper and the value of owning a keep-cup. Continue Reading →

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GoodWeave certification helps you avoid child labour when buying handmade rugs

Many consumers want to be sure that the beautiful rug they are about to buy wasn’t created at the cost of children.

Over 250,000 kids—some as young as six years old—are forced to give up their childhoods to make rugs for our homes and businesses. GoodWeave makes consumers aware of this tragedy and gives them a transformative alternative: certified child-labor-free rugs. GoodWeave also works to provide education and opportunities to rescued and at-risk children. Continue Reading →

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App of the week: Shop Ethical!


Have you ever stood in the supermarket and wondered whether a particular brand lives up to your environmental and social expectations?

The Shop Ethical! app gives access to over 4,000 products with related company information. It can help you make an informed decision whenever you shop.

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Organic food on a budget

Has the cost of organic produce ever turned you off buying it? Affordable organic food may be more accessible than you think.
This article puts forward 10 tips to shopping organic on a shoestring (although it relates to the US market, it will give you some good ideas about what to do and where to start looking).

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