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Apps of the week: Gardening!

the garden plannerWanting to start a veggie patch, but not quite sure how to go about it? Spring is nearly over, but it’s not too late. Here’s two apps to help get your green thumb started.

The ABC Veggie Guide (Free) “ABC Veggie Guide is an essential tool for all vegetable gardeners – from the novice to the experienced – to help you find out what veggie should be planted when, no matter the climate zone you’re in.  ABC Veggie Guide will give you all the information you need to produce healthy crops throughout the year, including growing tips, pest and disease control pointers and harvest guides.”

The Garden Planner ($4.49) “Garden Planner is a personal trainer for Australian vegetable gardeners. Using the Garden Planner, you’ll know what to plant when, what to do today, what’s going to happen tomorrow, and when you will be harvesting food you grew yourself. The Garden Planner has OPTIONAL in-app subscription allowing you to enter garden plots into the app. From here you can use interactive companion planting and crop rotation information and watch a map representation of your garden grow! We have also added journal/notes functionality and perennial trees.”

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