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Waste Not Want Not.

Photo: food waste

Photo: The People’s Kitchen opening (Flikr:Mermaid 99)

Australians waste $8 billion worth of edible food every year. And that’s just the household waste. If we included waste from restaurants and supermarkets the figure would be far higher.

How can we reduce our food waste? Here’s some sites to get the apple rolling

As part of their Grow Campaign, Oxfam have produced 9 tips for reducing food waste, one of which is bound to suit you. If you’re not sure of the global impact of your food waste, there’s a video that explains it.

Foodwise also have  tips on food waste, with videos and cheat sheets looking at how you can change your buying and using habits to reduce the amount of food you throw out.

Crust for Cash have a 3 week food waste program, looking at different strategies you can take to shift your habits and reduce your trash.

Do you live in the City of Yarra? Check out which special Food Know How workshops and savings on composting equipment are available to you.

Thinking about food waste on the run?

Here are 3 food waste apps courtesy of Modern Farmer. You might recognise the Love Food Hate Waste App we covered in an earlier issue of Otter.

  • Green egg shopper This application helps you track your food purchases by how quickly they will spoil. Items are split into levels of perishability (short, medium, long) and alerts are sent when foods are nearing expiration.
  • Love Food, Hate Waste Based on the British campaign of the same name, this Scottish app provides portion planners and helps find recipes for all the ingredients you have on hand.
  • 222 million tons Named for the amount of food wasted in industrialised nations each year, this app gives you templates based on how many people you’re shopping for and what they like, then helps you shop smarter.

Also, have you heard of the US app, the LeftoverSwap, where you can advertise your leftovers for someone else to use? Tim Higgins from Sydney’s 2SER radio speaks with Creator Dan Newman here. How do you think this concept would work in Australia?

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