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Environmentally friendly pet supplies


Continuing the pet theme from our last issue, Alix Foster Vander Elst is here to help you discover some eco-friendly items for your furry friends.

If you’re anything like me, your pet is a part of your family. And you want nothing but the best for them. Okay so I’m not the kind of person to be dressing my beagle up in a diamond studded collar (although she would look FAH-bulous in it!), but I do want to make sure that the products I buy for her aren’t going to do her, or the environment, harm. Sookie has been a part of my family for over two years now and in that time, I’ve been able to build up a great stock of tips for environmentally friendly pet products. Here are my favourite… Continue Reading →

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Responsible pet ownership and the horrors of puppy farms

puppy farms

Janene Trickey was one of few reporters on a RSPCA Victoria rescue in January. She recounts what she saw, gives some background on puppy farms, and offers guidance to get a puppy not raised on a farm.

Unable to walk on leads, two smelly dogs with matted fur are carried to a table for examination by Australia’s only forensic veterinarian Rebecca Belousoff.

On 20 January, these dogs, along with 46 other dogs and 21 puppies, were seized from a puppy farm in regional Victoria by RSPCA inspectors. This marked the first time RSPCA Victoria has allowed journalists into their Animal Care Centre. The facility houses animals under protective custody until the legal owners surrender them, or are made to by a court.

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