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Know any good yarns? Otter’s top 8 sewing bloggers do!


Sewing your own clothes isn’t just a fun and rewarding hobby. It helps to develop consciousness of the labour that goes into the things we wear and encourages us to appreciate quality rather than transient trendiness. It can also be good for the environment, especially if you’re careful with your fabric selection and make clothes to last.

Many of us have experienced the pangs of longing that lifestyle blogs tend to inspire. The tousle-haired children! The green smoothies! The photogenic pets! But I find the best of these blogs do one thing, and they do it well. Enter the sewing blogosphere, an amazing resource for anyone looking to get into the world of clothes-making. Back in the day access to this kind of knowledge was limited to those of us with patient grandmothers, but now anyone can dip in their toes.

For the curious wannabe, seasoned stitcher, or simple DIY voyeur, here are some of Otter’s favourite sewing blogs for you to peruse and enjoy.

Sew Busy Lizzy 

Sew Busy Lizzy is run by a former craft editor who makes feminine pieces with an emphasis on casual prints and classic cuts.

Best posts

Sew Busy Lizzy

A peter pan contrast collar blouse.

Casual, draped brown jacket.

This classic straight-cut pocketed skirt with asymmetrical pleating.


Zo Sews

Zo Sews chronicles the seamstressing of PR worker Zoe from Melbourne. Her projects tend toward vintage-inflected dresses and versatile pants and skirts, making for a quirky overall aesthetic.

Best  posts

zo sews

This fancy, flowing Summer dress.

Wide-legged Samurai style pants.

A structured, bubble-silhouette dress.


Sew Amy Sew

Amy of Sew Amy Sew only took up sewing in 2012, but her projects list is densely populated by pants, tops and dresses in loud, hip prints.

Best  posts

sew amy sew

This versatile blouse with neck tie detail and buttons up the back.

A simple mini skirt that sits high on the waist, with bonus hidden pockets.

This funky, 70s-pattern floral blazer.


Male Pattern Boldness

Peter Lappin describes his blog Male Pattern Boldness as the world’s most popular men’s sewing blog. While we love MPB, we will point out that the competition is slim! Maybe more men will take it up under his influence.

Best posts

male pattern boldness

Very contemporary flannel shirt.

Peter’s top ten sewing tips for the newbie! A great resource packed with useful advice.

This series of posts hosts a jeans sew-along.


Sew Delicious

Sew Delicious features quilts, blankets, purses and children’s clothing sewn by Melbourne mum Ros, who started sewing in 2010 for her two little girls.

Best posts

sew delicious

This super-simple nurse costume for kids!

A sewing machine cover for when you’ve had enough of looking at blogs and decided to throw yourself in the deep end.

How to upcycle a baby blanket into a children’s t-shirt.



Relatively new blog K+L is run by research scientist Katy and best friend Laney, featuring fresh women’s fashion in beautiful materials. K+L’s style skews young and hip.

Best posts

k + l

Upcycling a vintage lamé dress suit into a pair of beautiful shorts.

K+L try out circle skirts.

A satin-accented sheer dress shirt.


Lucky Lucille

Rochelle of Lucky Lucille sews all things 1940s, including reproduction of outfits on the front of vintage pattern packets.

Best posts

lucky lucille

An amazing 40s-style dress made to match the picture on the pattern sleeve.

This New England day dress, apron-style and whimsically feminine.

A very simple modern-style shift dress.


Sallie Oh

Sallie Oh sews beautiful, stylish pieces and classic keepers for herself and her partner Nick.

Best posts

sallie oh

An absolutely gorgeous casual maxi dress, with retro-inflected styling.

Men’s casual pants, modelled by her husband Nick.

A red suit jacket and matching trousers.

Photo credit: Durham Dundee (CC)

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