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Cream of the crop: our eight most popular articles


Sea Otter (Dave Menke/WikiMedia)

Otter is eight moths old today (12 Feb 2014)! To celebrate, we’ve collected our eight most popular posts – its a short cut to the content our readers have loved. The articles and links cover key ethical issues from undies and jewellery to toxic sunscreens, sustainable food and the power of consumers to make change. But our most popular article to date (as a percentage of Otter readers at the time) was mainly about paper …

1. Our interview with EcoBuy’s Stephen Reardon

Stephen speaks to Otter about the power consumers have to make a difference in the world, how to choose sustainable printer paper and the value of owning a keep-cup.

2. Toxic sunscreens: how to ensure a safer ‘slip, slop, slap’

While it may be protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays, your sunscreen might not be all that good for you. In October, we collected some  key resources to help you find a safer sunscreen for your family.

3. Top 10 things to reduce your fashion footprint

This great infographic from Oxfam’s 3things was a hit for us in August. It has  fantastic and easy-to-adopt strategies for reducing the environmetnal impact of your clothing.

4. Death, taxes and Underwear

When it comes to unavoidable purchases, socks and undies are at the top of the list! Guest writer Alex Peters looked into fair and green socks and underwear for lads and ladies in December.

5. Sustainable Meat and Fish

Read up on Green Village’s 6 simple tips to reduce the impact of your meat and fish consumption. This link was really popular with Otter readers in January this year.

6. Nice bling! Feel good with fair and sustainable jewellery

Did you get a chance to have a look at our jewellery article last week? We looked into the steps you can take to find a lasting piece that will meet your personal ethical values.

7. Does your Tuna smell…fishy?

In July our link to the Greenpeace tuna ranking system. It’s a great resource that gives tuna eaters the lowdown on which brands are best.

8. What’s under your Shirt? Our interview with Fair Wear Australia.

We spoke to Fair Wear about why we should consider the conditions of workers when buying our clothing, and what steps we can take to make an impact.

What is your favourite Otter article? Share it with us below.

Want to go back and re-read any of our stories? All of our past newsletters are up on our website, and you can trawl our articles to find information on the ethical issues that concern you.


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