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Choice Chocolate: sustainable, organic, Fairtrade, raw or vegan?


Photo: Black block (flickr/ patrizia_ferri)


The festive season. It’s a great excuse to gorge on chocolate. But when you’re picking up a block for yourself, or buying a box as a gift, how can you pick chocolate that matches your values?

If you’re concerned about fair trade and labor rights,  check our World Visions The Good Chocolate Guide to Australia for a their list of chocolates free from forced, child and trafficked labour.

If it’s vegan chocolate you are after, Animals Unleashed have a few suggestions in their Vegan Shopping Guide, as does

For organic chocolate, Otter staff member Celine recommends Loving EarthCocolo and Rawsome while Gordon is a fan of AlterEco. AlterEco and Cocolo are  Fairtrade certified as well. Panachocolate also do raw, organic chocolate, and have gift boxes for Christmas.

And if it’s palm oil you’re worried about, check out Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia’s list of palm oil free chocolate and other products.

To make your own chocolate at home – where you have complete control over the ingredients you put in it – have a go at Alex Stuarts quick fix raw chocolate bar. A box of this chocolate could be a great home made gift this christmas.


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